Cashflow funding Rise Funding

Cashflow Funding

Good cashflow management is critical to help your business thrive. Whether you’re waiting for invoices to be paid or you need to buy stock upfront, there are funding options available to help ease your cashflow.

Cashflow funding Rise Funding

Revolving credit facilities

Similar to overdrafts, but without the need for a bank account, revolving credit facilities are a pot of funds that you can access as needed. You’re usually charged on the amount you drawdown and in some cases there’s a small fee to use the facility.


Historically overdrafts are the most popular way that businesses manage their working capital. They can still be a good option, but these days there are similar alternatives offering more flexibility and higher credit limits.

Invoice finance

A good option if you offer credit to your customers in the form of invoices with payment terms. You can usually choose to get a percentage of all or a selection of the invoices due to be paid to your business.

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Merchant cash advance

Merchant cash advances are an option if you make a good percentage of sales through card machines or online card payments. Repayments are taken as a percentage of card sales, which means the amount you pay flexes in line with how much you sell.

VAT loans

VAT loans can help when it’s time to pay your VAT bill to HMRC. VAT payments are often a significant outlay in one go, so the ability to spread the cost over a longer period can help ease the pressure on your cashflow.

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